I love being able to capture emotional, intimate moments between people who are crazy in love.

Dear Friends,

I am so excited you found me!  I am a Massachusetts based wedding and engagement photographer who specializes in creative, romantic wedding photography.  I started my photography business out of a lifelong craving to express my creativity in a way that satisfies me. I started off photographing portraits, but when I shot my first wedding I felt like the hopeless romantic in me had finally found her passion! I love all the pretty details of a wedding day, but it's really the authentic, emotional moments that really grab me and stay in my mind when it's over.  The closeness of him whispering something sweet in your ear... the emotion when you see each other for the first time...  laughing with your best friends...  embracing your family.  I just love being able to document those intimate moments because it allows me to take split second moments and turn them into beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.  And that's really why I do what I do. 

I live north of Boston but travel throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine to capture love stories (and am available for a select number of destination weddings as well!).  When I'm not working, I'm usually just getting in some quality time with my family by playing games, doing some creative projects (obsessed with painting pottery lately) or taking day trips.  I am drawn to pretty much anything pink and/or sparkly - especially crystal chandeliers; but I also really love all things rustic and sometimes think I belong on a big old farm in the middle of nowhere.  I love the smell of coconut, rosemary, lavender, and basil (because it reminds me of being at my grandparents house growing up).  I love watching HGTV; anything having to do with history, science, consipiracy theories/mysteries, and/or aliens; and pretty much anything that is emotional or romantic.  I believe that always being kind is paramount  because you never know what someone else is going through.

You can read more about me below.  I can't wait to hear all about you and what you have planned for your big day!   Feel free to reach anytime at 617-233-3960 or michele@micheleconde.com

With love,


I'm a huge gardener (mostly vegetables and a few fruits and herbs) and actually grow all the vegetables I eat from late June through October.  I love the reward of being more sustainable during growing season and knowing exactly where my food is coming from!


I actually tend to be a bit of a homebody, but I also love exploring new places... especially places with history, cool architecture, beautiful gardens, or lots of nature.


Depite eating low-carb I have managed to incorporate some of my favorites sweets... chocolate, cheesecake, and ice cream... and I eat them a lot!  I can't live without my sweets!


I adore Shelties.  I think they are the prettiest and the smartest dogs, and I have had one almost my whole life.  At one point, I actually thought about becoming a breeder or starting a dog related business so I could be around them all day!


I think there is so much missed in nature these days.   I love taking the time to explore and appreciate it's beauty; and I love learning about different plants and how they can be used.  It's amazing how many resources are growing around us that get ignored.


I'm a huge Disney fan!  I think I'm still a little kid at heart.  Or maybe I just secretly want to be a princess. 


My favorite day of the year!  I love the excitement of my kids and being able to give and spend time with loved ones. Plus, it's the only holiday that I get to host!


I love cooking.  I tend to be a little creative and go "off-recipe" more often than not.  And I love to try new things.  (This is a picture of fried dandelions.  Did you know you could eat those?!)  I also lead a low-carb lifestyle so I'm always looking for new ways to create traditional dishes that I may miss.


Nothing happens before coffee.  Period.  But I tend to only like the coffee that I make at home and end up throwing it out whenever I buy it out.

Spring and Summer

I am totally a spring and summer person. I love the excitement of everything starting to bloom in the spring.  I love colors of gardens, nature and the beach.  I love being able to go out and not worry about being cold (I think my 5 years in Florida spoiled me!).


I love music that moves me - either emotionally or physically.  And I listen to everything from Barry Manilow and Air Supply (hopeless romantic in me - sorry!) to disco to pop to country to hip-hop, reggaeton, and more.


Boy, do I miss this!  It's too cold for me to do up here - I'm strictly a Caribbean diver! But there is something so peaceful about being able to explore the world below us and just float around like you belong there.


I love stationary and used to buy journals all the time and never use them because I didn't want to "mess them up".  And despite all the available technology, I still use paper for almost everything including my planner.


I'm fascinated with the world of herbal medicine and have started to do a little tinkering  (partly inspired by my obsession with the Outlander book series).